Hiring Agencies Add Laser Precision

Hiring agencies used to have a straightforward job; vacancy + qualified applicant = job placement. But as with everything else times have changed and the traditional hiring agency has had to do some work to redefine its value to employer and applicant alike.

Like everything else, the internet stepped into the hiring practice. In the past, a hiring agency would weed through candidates and present a hiring manager with a few choice applicants and then take a fee for placing the candidate once they had completed a probationary period.

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Algorithms could soon do the initial weeding and traditional hiring agencies were no longer adding the same value to the entities who paid them.

Reassessment of their value

The result was a gear change on the part of hiring agencies Detroit MI specialists, as well as those across the globe. To stay valuable the needed to add extra services and offer something that the hiring manager either could not get or if they could it was a slow process.


The hiring agency response was to both specialize and broaden the service base. They developed their offering to the point where they could parachute in a candidate who could do the job as they walked in.

By aligning their candidate requirements with customer needs hiring managers became able to respond quickly to an immediate need.

Once again they were providing a value to the customer and it was worth paying for.

Job Seekers

From the job seekers point of view, they knew their candidacy would be considered favourably if they came on board with a specific agency. It was even worth taking the test that proved their competency because once past that hurdle the employers would not need to test the results.

Hiring Agencies have pulled back from the edge of obsolescence to revitalizing an industry.