Here Today, Gone Tomorrow; The Riveting Story Of All Known Bugs

Whoever thought of giving them such a name must have been a genius. Or just good with words. Because the ongoing problem of insect infestations is a real bugger. Or it’s a bugbear. Folks with such problems may mutter to themselves; bugger this, this has got to stop. And so it should. Here today, gone tomorrow. Here’s the riveting story of all known bugs. Let’s start with the bed bugs staten island business then.

Long before the exterminators arrived, a foul odor hung in the air, metaphorically speaking. Then again, with the bed bugs keeping the hapless resident up all night, he may have noticed a truly bad physical odor elsewhere. Could it be coming from below, or could it be coming through the window. And how did those cracks in the wall seem to widen. All questions answered so quickly by the time the exterminator arrives.

He zaps them dead in the bug. Call it what you will, so many different treatments have been tried over the years. It was apparent that none seemed to work. But it’s not the case. Pretty toxic cases were being made. There could have been no deadlier poison at the time. It’s just that species of insects of a pestilential nature had this determined tendency to adapt so well to the poisons that they lapped it up, quite literally so.

bed bugs staten island

But the exterminators got wise. Bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, ants, termites, you name it, they all got the shock of their lives. But please, leave the bees alone. Some years ago, a remarkable discovery was made. A resin was developed from the bark of a tree only indigenous to parts of South America. And the insects still have no resilience to this organic poison.